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What’s in their Farmshelf? Chef Denevin Miranda’s The Osprey

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Indoor Farming | 0 comments

Farmshelf at The Osprey at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge lush with anise hyssop, chamomile and violas. 

Rainwater reclamation, a fully electric house car and energy-efficient lighting are all part of the experience at LEED Gold-certified 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, so growing the freshest possible ingredients with Farmshelf there is only natural. 

Executive Chef and Chopped Champion Denevin Miranda sources everything possible from local purveyors and obviously nothing is more local than walking across the dining room to harvest anise hyssop, chamomile and violas to garnish dishes and cocktails.  Farmshelf is really right at home in this luxurious, sustainability-focused home away from home.

The most ancient of chill pills, this herbal plant’s lovely flowers add apple-y, grassy, citrus notes to ice cream, risotto, cocktails, mocktails, salads…chamomile is just begging you to think of it as so much more than tea.  But in a quiet-voiced, laid-back, relaxation-inducing way, of course.

Lavender hyssop, Blue giant hyssop

You either love or hate black licorice, but everyone should really simply adore the versatile, powerful wonder that is anise hyssop.  Both the flowers and leaves are edible and have been used through the years in antibacterial salves, cough suppressants and fever reducers.  The flowers taste of summery sweetness and the leaves bring the lovely light anise and licorice notes; both are marvelous in pastas, baked goods and creamy concoctions.

Lavender hyssop, Blue giant hyssop

Pansies, Violets, Johnny-jump-ups

Oh viola, it’s a good thing Farmshelf can grow more than 2,000 of your flowers a week, because you make us want to cover all of our food with you and just gaze upon it. But your vanilla-y, slightly wintergreen-y flavor tastes so magnificent with cakes, cookies, and lettuces that we simply cannot get enough.