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Can we feel this good in February?

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Indoor Farming | 0 comments

A FLIK chef harvests sorrel, Genovese basil and lettuce at the British Airways lounge at JFK. 

Yes, yes we can!  Without your having to even think about it, Farmshelf optimizes light, nutrients and water so that your crops feel like they’re in their ideal growing climate at peak season.

This is no matter what’s going on outside, using 90% less water and being ready to pick 2-to-3 times faster than conventionally farmed crops.

And next winter when you walk over to your Farmshelf in your fuzzy slippers to harvest produce that could not possibly be any fresher, happy that your crops didn’t have to travel hundreds of miles from a sunnier place through the snow to get to you, you’ll think back to this late-summer week when you wished everything would taste this much like sunshine all year long.

Boston lettuce, Butterhead lettuce

Picking a favorite lettuce would for us be like picking a favorite child, but let’s just say butter lettuce’s crisp, sweet, delicate nature makes it the summertime hero.  And it’s a workhorse!  Just-picked-just-plain, lightly dressed, as a wrap, under cheese, on a sandwich, surrounding fish…we’ll never, ever tire of your many delights, BL!  And Farmshelf will grow 4-6 pounds of you a week.

Green sorrel

Garden sorrel, Spinach dock

It’s hardy, it’s scrumptious, it’s ancient, it’s sorrel. A member of the buckwheat family, for many many years sorrel has been very tastily used in soups, stews, sauces and salads. Packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C and magnesium, it’s as useful as it is delicious and shares a summery tang with whatever pool/beach/boat party it’s been invited to join.

Genovese basil

Italian basil, Sweet basil

Go ahead, just for fun, pronounce it “Gen-oh-VAY-SAY.” Maybe add an arm flourish as you open that burrata you can’t wait for it to meet. Perhaps the fastest, easiest way to scream SUMMER without saying a word, fresh basil just brings it. Chiffonade it on pasta with zucchini and fresh garden tomatoes right before you serve it. Smack it between your palms then slide it into a refreshing summer cocktail. Arrange a few leaves on a lemon sorbet. Now that is the taste of le estate, miei amici!